Silpac International Co., Ltd, was founded in 1999 and is specialized in introducing and distributing high quality branded industrial products to semiconductor industry, microelectronics industry and gas industry in China.
Silpac provides professional service and industrial experience to the market and customers.
Currently handles the following product lines:
APTech ( USA ) – UHP Gas regulators, valves, flow devices
ARM (USA) – Purifier
Hale Hamilton ( UK )– high pressure regulator, valve, cylinder valves
Ingersoll Rand (USA) – Centrifugal compressor
Mack Valve (Australia)- Cryogenic Valves
Mott ( USA ) – UHP filter
PDC ( USA ) – metal diaphragm compressor
Valex ( USA ) – UHP stainless steel tubing/fitting
Wasco ( USA ) - UHP pressure/vacuum switch
We pride ourselves in giving professional answers to questions within minutes or hours rather than days or weeks. Silpac continues to strive towards our goals. We are still working to improve our already high standards of quality product, performance and reliability backed by service and support.